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Tuning Boxes for Diesels.

What is a tuning box?
A diesel tuning box provides very similar modifications as a standard remap, however instead of modifying the vehicles ECU software directly, we add the tuning box with our software, into the cars original wiring. This enables the tuning box to modify the signals from the ECU in real time meaning that if the tuning box were to be removed, the vehicle returns back to standard.
Some vehicles are unable to be remapped via the ECU, so this where the tuning box comes into play.

Motor Homes and Hauliers.

The tuning box itself can be programmed with up to 10 different maps or settings. This gives huge scope for different scenarios of driving. Maybe you own a motorhome and sometimes you drive in the Alps where you have long climbs,plus the weight of a laiden vehicle ,you would set the box to optimum power and torque to get you to the desired speed quickly and stay there, with less percentage of throttle input. Less throttle, less fuel equal fuel savings. On the other hand you may be empty and on the motorway , less weight , relatively flat, so you would set to lower power and more economy, guess what? higher return in MPG. Same applies to Vans and Lorries.

On some vehicles the ECU has to be removed to remap it. This comes with risks and costs. This is when the tuning box is much better value, as you will have multiple maps and at a similar price as were the ECU to be removed. You can also customise the maps for say, day to day driving and a map for the odd fast road experience...on the track of course! The boxes are supplied and fitted from 285 euros all inclusive. These boxes are quality pieces of kit and the software, genuinely unique to you and your vehicle.

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