Itech Tuning Itech Tuning Warning Lights We can read engine trouble codes and reset them. Also we can read pending codes,so your not left high and dry! 200730302 Engine Control Unit The brain of the car, can be optimised for performance and economy 200730303 The dreaded light Not to worry. You no longer have to go to the main dealer and pay ridiculous amounts of money to find out what the issue is. We carry out a diagnostic check and reset as necessary with all our remaps 200730304 Vans and light commercial These turbo diesel engined vehicles can be remapped with very good results, with savings on fuel and increased torque when carrying loads 200730305 Towing We can improve torque in the lower gears to get you moving, and with less throttle input well keep you there,saving fuel. 200730306 Tuning&Remapping in progress With our specialist equipment and knowledge,we can optimise your vehicle how you want it. Pure power, power and economy, or economy we can achieve this. We can als cater for the speed enthusiast for track days or competition . 200730307 Kess V2 Acclaimed equipment , and software. We are always looking for the best equipment to keep us at the top of our game. 200730308