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ECU Remapping.


Step 1 Diagnostic Check

Diagnostic check before remap

On arrival the first action we carry out is a computerised diagnostic check on the vehicle. We plug our equipment into the vehicles OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port which will then communicate with the ECU(Electronic Control Unit) and take a reading of any fault codes that may or may not be present on the vehicle.Our equipment will also read any pending faults that may need attention in the future. We can then make you aware of any problems, and clear the codes and turn off any warning lights if safe to do so.

Step2 Identifying the ECU

Remappping technology at work
We now connect the tuning equipment to the vehicle again into the OBD port(left). We firstly enter the vehicle details into our computers then identify the ECU ,this gives us the model and make of the vehicle and the ECU which helps us later in the remapping process , to make sure the new software marries up to specific ECU.

Step 3 Reading

Some of our remapping equipment

Now is the time when we "read" the ECU. Our computer now communicates with the ECU and takes a copy of the contents of the "files" or "maps",which are coded similar to computer files. This process can take between 15 mins and 45 mins depending on vehicle. Once this is finished ,we keep a copy of the original map on file and the other is used for modifying. 

Step 4 Modifying 

Remapping Graph in 3d

The original map is now decoded with specialist software so that we can now modify the various settings and parameters. Many parameters are changed(see here Technical) and modified ,for example timing,fuel mixture ,boost on turbo charged cars and more. Once these adjustments have been made and checked within the parameters of the manufacturer ,we then recode it, ready to be written back to the vehicle.

Step 5 Writing/Result

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The final step of the process is "writing" the modified map back to the vehicle. Our system will revue and check the identification of the ECU and the new software. Once this is checked and double checked ,we then proceed to write the software back to the vehicles ECU overwriting the old software. If for any reason the process stops whilst writing ie battery unexpectedly runs flat,or a lead is disturbed, our computers have recovery and we have the back up of the original map.The writing process takes the same time approx as the "read".

After the remap is complete,your ready to start up and drive. You will notice immediately ,quicker throttle response,faster acceleration,more power in lower gears and fuel saving,which comes from the fact you now have power earlier on in each gear,so no need to thrash the engine. You will also have fewer gear changes as we have improved torque and overall performance of your vehicle. Enjoy!

                            Make the most out of your remap.

To get the best out of your vehicle ,after the remap we suggest using an injector cleaner which is added to the fuel tank. This will clean valves,injectors and other internal engine components. Also consider an upgrade to a high flow performance filter or even an induction kit. Your engine performance is reliant on clean cool air ,so a Pipercross or K and N filter gives you this and are filters for life! No more replacement!

Induction Kits,Scorpion Exhausts go hand in Hand at Itech Tuning
K and N at iTech Tuning

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