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How do you actually remap my car ?

We read the information from you cars ECU via the onboard diagnostic port or OBD using specialized equipment and software. We then save this file as the original . 

From here the information is decoded and read . The new map is written and  customised to your specific requirements .We then write the new map to your vehicle .

Will a Remap damage my engine ?

In a word No. All car companys test there engines to the extreme. A good remap and regular normal servicing will ensure your engines longevity. When your vehicle is remapped by us , it is well within safe parameters of the engine unit. Within normal driving habits a remap can extend the life of some components as you will gain more torque at lower revs and not need to rev higher in the gear range to acheive a higher speed. 

What power gains can i expect ?

Different vehicles and engine types give different benefits. A turbo diesel engine will give very good gains in performance and econonomy . A petrol non turbo engine also benefits from remapping . A turbo charged petrol engine can have significant gains in horse power whilst saving on fuel , or can be tuned for say track days when fuel economy is not important but BHP is ! Savings circa 15% to 25% on fuel are the easily attained.

What you can expect from a remap is more power ,more economy ,more torque, quicker throttle response, smoother driving and  easier overtaking.

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How Long will the remap take and do I have to book an appointment ?

Normally the work will take between 1 and 2 hours from start to finish. We initially carry out a diagnostic check to check everything is in order. We then start the remapping process by copying the original file from the ECU. Then the new file is created and installed. We keep a copy of the original map so that it can be restored if necessary for testing,diagnostic etc.
Appointments are advisable , simply fill in the contact information and we will arrange a time to visit you or you can come to us, we are fully mobile and carry diagnostic hardware and the latest tuning software.
I have motorhome ,and drive different terrains and carry different loads is one map enough?

In these situations we would fit a multimap tuning box. This gives the driver different settings for different scenarios . For instance setting 4 could be for cruising empty in Holland or setting 6 ,more power and torque for fully laiden in the Alps.
All the boxes are custom tuned to the conditions and your driving habits.

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